About Cypress Breeze Farms

What makes Cypress Breeze Farms different?

We work with our horses and our customers! 

We go by reservations only to ensure that the right horse and person are paired together. This in its self  is a big thing! We pair you with the horse that will suit you best. Many people tell us of their awful experiences on horses back because they were given horses that were to much for them or out of control.  Horse that buck, bite or throw people are in general unhappy animals, due to miss fitted tack or poor training. We promise that our horses are treated well and receive the best training and care. We pride our self in our horses top of the line care and mental state. Our horse are not overworked or underfed, rather they are cared for with only the best the horse back riding community has to offer.

Our Mission is to give both people and horses a wonderful experience they will not forget. To do this we need to have happy horses that enjoy their job. A happy horse is a safe horse. This is the perfect chance to spend time with your family or friends in nature, on horseback, trail riding
The horses will always come first at Cypress Breeze Farm because if you care for horses they care for you.