Beach Horseback Riding and Swimming with Horses in Tampa Bay: St Petersburg, Florida

We are now offering horseback riding on the beach. All levels are welcome. Come experience Tampa Bay from the back of a horse. The tour includes horseback riding on the beach, wading through the water, and swimming with horses! The beach horseback rides are located at North Skyway Park. Just a short distance from St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa and Bradenton. Guided swimming with horses tour lasts an hour. During this unique horseback riding experience, you will have a chance to relax and enjoy the views of Tampa Bay.




During the tour our guest will get a chance to go horseback riding along the beach and then wade through the water on horseback; over a half mile out into Tampa bay, to a sand bar that we will explore. From the sand bar our horses will swim back to shore an amazing experience that everyone will remember.  Riders will get to enjoy the amazing views and learn about Tampa Bays Ecology.

Book Your Beach Horseback Riding Tour

  • Go Horseback Riding on the Beach  and Swim with Horses
  • Advance Purchase is required through our online booking system.
  • We will take groups of up to 4 people out on tours. (If you have a larger group that would like to go together please call or email for more information)
  • Children 12 years of age and older are allowed . (Children 6-10 years old are not able to take part on our beach horseback rides, But can ride at our farm on our Horseback Riding Trail Tours.This is also a good option for children or adults that might be nervous.)
  • Children under 18 years of age must were a helmet.
  • We do not run our horses, because improper riding cause horses pain and is a safety risk to horse and rider.

Make your appointment today!

For information call 727-460-0891 or email

Why Choose Us for Your Beach Horseback Riding Tour?

  • We make safety and comfort of both horse and rider a propriety.
  • Our horses are extremely well-trained draft horses that our comfortable to ride, enjoy swimming, and are easy to handle.
  • Our Horseback Beach Riding location can easily be reached from all areas of the Tampa Bay region, and is just minutes away from St Petersburg, and Bradenton.

We work with our horses and our customers! 

Our beach rides are by  reservations only and space is limited. We design our rides to fit the needs of the group. Safety is our priority.

Prices for Horseback Riding on the Beach is $150 per person no extra fees pics included.

The Horses

The horses will always come first at Cypress Breeze Farm, because if you care for horses, they care for you. We have standards are set high. We provide our horses with top of the line physical and emotional care. Our horses are not overworked or underfed, rather they are cared for with only the best  that the horseback riding community has to offer.