Horseback Riding Lessons St. Pete

We offer horseback riding lessons  for all levels of riders!

Our riding lesson program is tailored¬†to each individual student’s goals and ranges from students learning to walk, trot, and canter safely to students competing across the disciplines of eventing, dressage, and hunters/jumpers

We focus on teaching fun, safe, and effective horseback riding and horsemanship

We have horses suitable for beginners through advanced riders who can do everything from trail ride to compete at a big show

Our instructors are seasoned competitors, teachers, and horse people who help our students become more effective riders while maintaining a positive learning environment

We share our passion for horses with our students and believe that this plays an important role in developing life skills as a child and creating work-life balance as an adult.

Call or text 727-460-0891. We cant always get back to you right away

because we may be out on a ride, but we will return your call as quick as possible.