Trail Riding- Experience the joy of horseback riding

One hour Guided Horseback Trail Ride. During your ride, you will have the opportunity to: Explore one of Florida’s finest horse parks Learn about horses, the ecology and Tampa Bay area.

Our stables are connected with Pinellas Parks equestrian trail. The trails run through the local horse community and take you past horse properties, and through Florida’s tropical woods.. Our horseback riding tour are located minutes away from St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa in a great location. Horseback trail riding with us is the perfect way to spend time with friends and/or family, as our rides are great for any level of experience. Our standards are set high and we are very proud of the experiences our guests have while riding with us.



Reserving your trail ride

  • Advance Purchase is required for the ride
  • We will take groups of up to 10 people out on the trails.
  • Children 6 years of age and older are allowed on to go horseback riding. (All Guest must ride their own. Horse for nervous children or adults a guide can lead a horse.
  • Children under 18 years of age must were helmet and have an adult accompany theme on the ride.
  • We do not run our horses, because improper riding can horse’s pain and is a safety risk to horse and rider.

Pinellas County – close to Tampa, St Petersburg, St Pete Beach, Clearwater and surrounding areas.

Prices for our trail rides $70 per person

We price our rides to insure quality care of our animals. We may not be the cheapest. But we guarantee quality and a great experience.
No one has ever had a bad experience at our farm. Are standards are set high and we are proud of the experience we give are guests.

What sets our horseback rides apart

  • We want to give people the chance to enjoy the experience of being on horseback in a safe and  fun environment.
  • We are the only trail riding operation in Pinellas County. We can easily be reached from all areas of the Tampa Bay area.
  • We are the only trail riding operation in the area that can say they have had ZERO accidents.

We work with our horses and our customers! 

We go by reservations only to ensure that the right horse and person are paired together. This in its self is a big thing! We pair you with a horse that you are best suited for. Many people tell us of their awful experiences on horses back because they were given horses that were too much for them or out of control.  Horse that buck, bite or throw people are in general unhappy animals, due to miss fitted tack or poor training. Our horses are treated well and receive the best training and care so that our customers can have a great expedience

The trails

Cypress Breeze Farm trail rides last an hour and a half and take you through one of Florida’s finest horse parks. Sit back, relax and enjoy your time, while getting an opportunity to learn about, horses, ecology and the Tampa Bay area.

The Horses

We pride our self in our horse’s top of the line care and mental state. Our horse are not overworked or underfed, rather they are cared for with only the best the horseback riding community has to offer.

The horses will always come first at Cypress Breeze Farm because if you care for horses they care for you.