Equine Yoga- A connection between human and horse

Improve on patience, strength, and trust, while creating a deep connection between yourself and the horse.

Doing yoga while on horseback will not only improve balance but it will help you relieve stress, become more flexible, define muscle, calm your mind, and push your limits. Yoga on horseback will build a bond between human and animal in a much deeper way then horseback riding alone. These gentle giants will help you calm and tame the endless stream of thoughts, making you feel more confident, focused, and most of all lead to greater concentration. So slow down, breath right, and challenge yourself in the rarest way that yoga has to offer.

You do not have to have yoga or horse experience. You will need to come with a fresh mind and extreme focus. The horses are solid and supportive. We offer different levels of equine yoga sessions.

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because we may be out on a ride, but we will return your call as quick as possible.